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The start of summer in Amsterdam 10.06.2009
De eerst zes maanden... or the first six months 05.03.2009
A relaxing day in Biberach, Germany 28.11.2008
The battle to get to Biberach 28.11.2008
Berlin 25.11.2008
Last stop with Andy... Berlin 25.11.2008
A rainy day in Dresden 01.11.2008
The last day in Prague, then off to Germany. Again. 27.10.2008
The 'Highest' Points of Prague 24.10.2008
The first few days in Prague 22.10.2008
One day in Olomouc, Czech Republic 17.10.2008
From Krakow to Wroclaw 17.10.2008
The next few days in Poland 16.10.2008
A visit to Auschwitz 16.10.2008
Struggling without sleep 16.10.2008
Eger, Hungary 13.10.2008
The last days in Budapest and on to Eger 28.09.2008
Budapest - Sziget Music Festival 27.09.2008
A day in Pest, of Budapest 25.09.2008
Off to Hungary 25.09.2008
Trying to find the love in Vienna 25.09.2008
A brief fling in Bratislava 25.09.2008
Two sides of Austria 25.09.2008
Lake Bled, Slovenia 08.09.2008
Munich to Ljubljana, Slovenia 08.09.2008
From Salzburg to Munich 05.09.2008
Over to Salzburg, Austria 04.09.2008
Berg to Zurich 03.09.2008
Berg 02.09.2008
Basel to Freiburg to Berg 02.09.2008
Basel 01.09.2008
Bern to Gruyere to Basel 24.08.2008
Geneva to Bern 21.08.2008
Geneva - Day Two 21.08.2008
Geneva 21.08.2008
One Day in Nice 20.08.2008
A night in Villefranche, a day in San Remo 19.08.2008
The Villa 10.08.2008
The Final Stretch to the Villa 10.08.2008
The Valence that Josh saw... 10.08.2008
Roadtrip to Provence 22.07.2008
Roadtrip to Provence 18.07.2008
Paris 15.07.2008
Cambridge 13.07.2008
More Jolly London 09.07.2008
London cont'd... 05.07.2008
London Baby! 04.07.2008
Singapore 30.06.2008
The Beginning 13.05.2008